Before you can take part in the practical driving exam, you must have passed your theory exam. Candidates, who have reached the age of 16 years on 1 November 2011 can take theory exam. Candidates, who are 17 years on 1 November 2011, can’t take part in 2toDrive. For a practical examination, they should wait until they are 18 years.
However, they are allowed to take a theory exam and take driving lessons.

The theory exam for the car takes about 45 minutes, including the explanations. It is prudent to be present 15 minutes before the examination.

The exam consists of two parts.

Part 1: 25 questions about hazard recognition
In hazard recognition you get questions about how you would act in a given traffic situation.

Part 2: 40 questions; 30 about traffic and about 10 traffic insights.
Traffic and traffic insight involves yes/no questions, multiple choice questions and questions where you must enter a number (like speed limit).

To pass the theory exam you will need to answer at least 13 of the 25 questions correctly on hazard recognition and answer 36 of the 40 questions correctly about traffic and traffic insights.

Thus, you are allowed to have 12 errors of the 25 questions on the hazard and only 4 errors of the 40 other questions.

U mag dus bij de 25 vragen over de gevaarherkenning 12 fouten maken en bij de 40 overige vragen mag u 4 fouten maken.

What do you need:

Valid Dutch proof of identity.

We can reserve a seat for you at the theory exam.

Intermediate driving exam:
You can take an interim exam to see your progress. The interim exam runs just like a real practical driving exam. So you can get used to the exam situation and nervousness can be reduced. Moreover, it can happen that you get the same examiner at the practical driving exam as in your Intermediate driving exam.

After the test you get the results from the examiner with them the possible points that you still have to work. You can also earn a special exemption for skills during the test. This exemption will only apply to the next practical driving exam.

Bring to the Intermediate driving exam:
- A valid identification card
- Examform (we can provide you with this)
- Completed form introspection

PDF Tussentijdse toets CBR 


Practical driving exam:
In the examination center you first get introduced to the examiner. He or she explains what to expect in the exam.

Then follows an eye test in the parking lot where you must be able to read the license plate of a stationary vehicle from a distance of 25 meters.
Next, the examiner will ask you to perform a number of preparatory and control operations on the exam car.

The practice exam takes about 55 minutes this includes introduction, eye test, preparatory and control, driving exam and result.
During the driving exam, the examiner checks your control of the car, you’re watching techniques, the way you prioritize and consider other road users.

He judges you on ten examinations such as: insert / exiting on a road, behavior near and at intersections, special operations, drive off, drive straight and curved sections, overtaking / passing other road users, turning (change direction), oncoming / be overtaken, changing lanes, behavior near and special sections (exit, crossing, footpath, tram, bus stop, roundabout)

You get during the exam the opportunity to show what you can do.
It does not have to be flawless, because it is the overall picture that counts.
It is important how you respond to other traffic and if you can handle the situations.
In short, the examiner looks at whether you can participate safely and independently in traffic.

After driving exam you go to the examination centers to hear your result. If you failed the driving exam you get to hear why and on what point you need to improve on.

If you passed you’re driving exam you can request your license at the City Hall in your city.

You need:
- Dutch valid proof of identity
- 1 passport photo

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